Lee Jordan

portrait of Lee Jordan

About me

I am an experienced product designer and web developer based in London who has been building web based products since 2001. I’m passionate about making products that work for everybody and value this above all else.

As a designer I'm an outspoken advocate of user centric design and I am happy that UX is increasingly being seen as a valuable and important discipline. My personal passion for user centric design springs from a deep rooted empathy for the user which comes from my many years experience as a (predominantly front-end) web developer.

In terms of web development, I specialise in designing and building accessible style guides, prototypes for user testing, and front end frameworks to help enforce consistency and reliability across websites.

I've had a long career working with many companies, most notably Amazon, Lovefilm, Graze, and Clarivate. I contribute to open source software and have created a popular flexbox grid framework which I actively maintain. I've also been giving talks at various development meetups and am always keen to hear if you are running an event that I could present at, or would like to discuss opportunities.

I follow web standards and strive for accessibility because it makes sense from both an inclusive and technical argument. I firmly believe that the logical conclusion of these concerns is a website that works for everybody regardless of ability, experience and the device they are using to browse the internet. A true cross-browser solution.

I'm a strong advocate of finding the middle ground between creativity and usability and I believe that web design works best when it is focussed on usability, robustness, and accessibility. In my opinion the closest to perfection you can get on the internet is a site that is effortless to use, works on any device, and looks great.

Responsive web design and development is my preferred approach and I favour the device-agnostic philosophy. As much as possible I believe you should make sure your websites are flexible in layout and flow to fill the available space.

If you want to know more about me you can look at my github profile, look at my linkedin page, or send me an email.